TORMEK Hand Tool Kit HTK-706


TORMEK Hand Tool Kit HTK-706


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Note! NEW Updated to also include SVM-00.

This kit contains the jigs for sharpening your knives, scissors, draw knives and axes as well as short chisel and carving tools.

This updated HTK-706 kit includes the latest Tormek innovation, the Small Knife Holder SVM-00.


Knife Jig

For most knives. Width 45 mm (1¾”). Long knives need to be stiff. Min blade length 60 mm (2 3/8″). Also for carvers draw knives.

Long Knife Jig

Suitable for long and flexible knives. The 140 mm (5½”) width of the jig stabilizes a thin blade. Min blade length 160 mm (6 3/8″).

Scissors Jig

For scissors of all sizes and shears. Also suitable for portable electric hand planer blades.

Short Tool Jig

For straight shanked carving gouges and V-tools down to 45 mm (1¾”) length. Short wood chisels and tools for power carvers. Max. tool width 32 mm (1¼”).

Axe Jig

For carving and carpenter’s axes.
Max. axe size 170 mm (6½”).

Small Knife Holder

Small Knife Holder enables you to sharpen the smallest knife blades like carving knives and pocket knives. Works in conjunction with the SVM-45 jig.



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