Multi-Liner laser Geo5x L360 HP


Multi-Liner laser Geo5x L360 HP


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Geo5x-L360 HP

Fully Automatic Multi Line Laser Geo5X-L360 HP

Multi-functional for many indoor and outdoor construction applications


Two 360°-Laser lines vertical and horizontal plus 200°-Laser line vertical at 90°

Li-Ion battery technology

Compact & handy size


· 360° vertical laser line
· 200° vertical laser line at 90°
· 360° horizontal laser line
· => form 5 laser crosses
· Laser lines switchable separately
· Plumbing function
· Multi-functional mount with:
· strong magnets on the base and back
· strap attachment
· height adjustable
· 5/8“ connection for builders‘ tripod
· Use with receiver (optional)
· Self-levelling function can be locked for manual use
· 5/8“ and 1/4“ connection at the instrument bottom

Technical Data

Self-levelling range ± 4°
Accuracy ± 2 mm / 10 m
Working range
· without receiver 20 m (radius)
· with receiver 60 m (radius)
Power supply Li-Ion
Operating time laser (all lines illuminated) 10 hours
Dust / water protection IP 54
Laser diode 635 nm
Laser class 2
Temperature range -10° C to +45° C

Supplied with:

· Geo5X-L360 HP
· multi-functional mount
· Li-Ion battery and charger
· battery case for alkaline batteries
· magnetic target
· soft bag

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Multi-Liner laser Geo5x L360 HP
Multi-Liner laser Geo5x L360 HP
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