Fluke 233 3469334 EU , Remote Display True RMS Multimeter


Fluke 233 3469334 EU , Remote Display True RMS Multimeter


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Fluke 233 true RMS digital multi-meter with removable display module enables you to be extremely flexible even in unusual situations.

Place the removable display where you can see it and set the measuring device to the desired location.


True RMS of voltage and current for accurate measurements with non-linear signals

AC and DC voltage measurement up to 1000 V

Measurements up to 10 A (20 A for 30 seconds)

Capacitance range: 10,000 µF• Frequency up to 50 kHz

With the built-in thermometer you can record the temperature values easily, without having to carry a separate instrument.

Resistance measurement, continuity test and diode test

Due to the wireless transmission of the readings the display can be up to 10 meters away from the location, which means you are more flexible. No impairment of the measurements

The removable display module can simply be placed where it can be seen best.

It is not necessary to hold the measuring device during the measuring process.

Users can concentrate better on the test probes and on safe operation during electrical measurements.

Use it as a conventional multi-meter, if the display is connected.

The radio transmitter automatically turns off as soon as the display is connected to the instrument.

Automatic shut-off to save batteries

Min/max and average recording to capture variations automatically

Continuity and diode test

Easy-to-read display with large digits and bright back light

Battery life: 400 hours


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