FLEX Finger Belt Sander-Tool Only


FLEX Finger Belt Sander-Tool Only


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FLEX Finger Belt Sander-Tool Only LBS1105 VE

Product Details

* Highly efficient and resilient motor for more power output

* VE electronic control: for infinately adjustable belt speed

* Sanding head: rotates through 140°. Available with two sanding arms: 9 mm and 30 mm

* Quick belt replacement system: for quick, tool-free belt replacement

* This machine is also available in 110 V

Standard equipment

1 sanding arm (pointed) 9 mm 256.525

1 sanding belt kit for 9 mm sanding arm, P 40/ P 120/ P 220 1 set

1 side handle 194.034

1 hexagon socket screw key, special tool 5 115.460


Power input 710 watt

Power output 420 watt

Belt speed 4-12 m/sec

Belt dimensions 533 x 4-9 mm

Weight 2,5 kg

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