FEIN MBS 32F Magnetic Drill Stand


FEIN MBS 32F Magnetic Drill Stand


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Flexible magnetic drill jig with fine adjustment for rotary drills with up to 32 mm drill capacity.

Universal suitability for drilling, tapping, reaming and countersinking.

Fine adjustment of drill spindle for easy alignment of machine without constantly removing and refitting the magnet.

High magnetic holding power and safety circuit guarantee safe working in any position.

Infinitely variable stroke range setting.

Compact design.

Optimum power-to-weight ratio.

Robust and accurate dual dove-tail guide

Universal use for drive machines with clamping collar.

only available in 230 V



1swarf hook

1 swarf guard

2  Keys

1 Clamping Strap




                                  Input130 W

·                                 Socket max. 16 A

·                                 Cable with plug 4 m

·                                 Weight according to EPTA 21,8 kg

·                                 Core drill 12-65 mm

·                                 Twist drill max. Ø 16 mm

·                                 Twist drill with MK3 32 mm

·                                 Tapping M 24

·                                 Reaming max. Ø 40 mm

·                                 Magnetic holding power 18 000 N

·                                 Drilling pressure max. 7 000 N

·                                 Height (drill jigs) 513 mm

·                                 Stroke 178 mm

·                                 Total stroke range 365 mm

·                                 Swivel range for drill jigs 350°

·                                 Adjustment range ±10 mm

·                                 Magnetic foot dimensions  220 x 100 mm

·                                 For collar Ø  63 mm


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