BOSCH One-Hand Random Orbit Sander PEX 220 A


BOSCH One-Hand Random Orbit Sander PEX 220 A


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The BOSCH One-Hand Random Orbit Sander PEX 220 A

  • Excellent results when sanding curves and when polishing
  • The compact and powerf (220 watts) solution for sanding and polishing work: the Bosch PEX principle with random orbit motion plus rotation ensures good quality sanding with high sanding performance even when polishing
  • Clean working thanks to Bosch micro filter system: the built-in dust extraction element sucks the dust directly into the micro filter box, which comes complete with the tool
  • Velcro-type fastening for fast and convenient sanding sheet changes
  • Sanding plate diameter 125 mm
  • Connection for dust extraction
  • Easy one-hand operation for fatigue-free working overhead and on curved surfaces

Technical data

Power input:  220 W

Sanding plate diameter:  125 mm

Orbital stroke rate:  24.000 rpm

Eccentricity:  1,25 mm

Machine weight:  1,4 kg


Velcro-type fastening

Micro-filter system



Bosch Microfilter (2 605 411 198)

1 sanding sheet (Red Wood)

Rubber sanding pad (2 608 601 175)

Additional information

Weight1 kg



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