BOSCH GKS 18 V-LI Professional Circular Saw


BOSCH GKS 18 V-LI Professional Circular Saw


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Best-in-class cutting performance
Cut up to 50 chipboards (900 x 19 mm) to length with only one battery charge
Electronic Motor Protection (EMP) protects the motor against overload and ensures a long lifetime
Mobile, powerful tool: makes cuts up to 51 mm deep
Unique Bosch Premium lithium-ion technology for longer lifetime and unbeatable battery runtime
Bosch Electronic Cell Protection (ECP): protects the battery against overload, overheating and deep discharge
Ergonomically shaped handle with comfort zone in the softgrip area for a secure hold and low user fatigue
Continuously variable cutting depth setting by means of quick-clamping lever
Bosch Hyper Charge: due to the rapid charging process, the batteries are charged to 75% after just half of the charge time
No memory effect: the battery can be charged regardless of the charging state at any time, without damaging the cells

Technical data: 

No-load speed     3.900 rpm
Saw blade diameter     165 mm
Saw blade bore diameter     20 mm
Weight incl. battery     4,1 kg
Battery voltage     18 V
Cutting depth
Cutting depth (90°)     51 mm
Cutting depth (45°)     40 mm
Noise/vibration information
Measured values determined according to EN 60745
Total vibration values (vector sum of three directions)
Vibration emission value ah    3.0 m/s²
Uncertainty K    1.5 m/s²

Battery and Charger not included!

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